Banbury Unitarians

"Man's value is in the few things he creates and not in the many possessions he amasses."




Sunday Services start at 11.00am on the last Sunday of the month.

Sunday 29th October: Rev. Sue Woolley

Sunday 26th November: Rev. Sue Woolley

Sunday 24th December: Rev. Sue Woolley

Harvest Service

Special Services

As well as the regular services of the church, we can conduct:

  • Weddings in which the couple themselves are encouraged to help arrange the ceremony, choosing their own music, readings and form of words, to make it a joyous and memorable occasion.
  • Naming ceremonies that celebrate the joy of new life and welcome the child into a loving environment. These are happy, informal occasions free from the restrictions imposed by some churches.
  • Funerals that are a personal celebration of the life and circumstances of the loved one, bringing dignity and comfort to a solemn occasion.
  • Other services designed to serve special needs can also be arranged.

For further information, please email Sue Woolley or telephone: 01604 870746

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